I run for two reasons. I run to stay healthy and to support my niece, Holland.

I started running in high school after I quit football because I needed to lose some unnecessary weight. It started as a love/hate relationship but blossomed into a daily habit and something I can’t live without. The hardest part about running is putting your shoes and shorts on and getting out the door. I love the feeling of a run and the satisfaction of a completed run. I feel healthy, happy and whole when I run or ride my bike and that is why I do it day in and day out.

I also run for my niece. Her name is Holland and she is the cutest thing since sliced bread. From the moment I found out she would be born with down syndrome my big brother shield came up and I felt like I needed to protect her, shield her from people or hide her away. But that thought quickly turned to the opposite. I want to show her off, show off a video of her to a stranger, share her story and help others realize that being born with down syndrome doesn’t signal ‘the end’…it means the beginning of something even better.

~Jordan Burleson~


Thank You!


Welcome to the Run For Holland 5K for Down syndrome awareness! Presented by Run For Holland Foundation.

Thank you! On behalf of the Run For Holland Foundation and the Run For Holland board of directors, thank you. Thank you for all the support, love, and encouragement that has been given to us through planning this fantastic race. It is our hope that with you all we can grow this event into more than just a 5K and 10K race that happens once a year. We want the Run For Holland idea to spread through our community like wildfire and give families and individuals the love and support they deserve.

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If you have any questions about how to register, volunteering or any other questions, please contact Race Organizer...Adam Burleson.

Phone:    (828) 385-2341
Email:    burleson.adam@gmail.com
Race Location: Riverside Park 200 E Tappan St Spruce Pine , NC 28777

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