What is Will doing?

On November 30, 2013 endurance athlete Will LeMieux sets out for the Tarheel Ultra, a multi-day challenge covering 367 miles of roads and ferry’s from North to South along the coast of North Carolina.

The Tarheel Ultra Multi Day Running Challenge

The Challenge Course Covers approx 367-Miles North & South across North Carolina (including ferry crossings you get to ride).

Starts on the Virginia/North Carolina Line at Carova Beach, NC

Ends at the North Carolina/South Carolina Line in Calabash, NC

The first 11-miles are in the sand the last 356ish are all asphalt and ferry crossings Ferry crossing make up 33-miles

How many miles he does each day, where he stays, how he stays, where & what he eats and drinks is up to him to figure out and prepare for.

He’ll be traveling all coastal roads between Carova and Calabash, as close to the Ocean as possible at all times.

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Why is Will doing this?

Having close friends with a child diagnosed with Down Syndrome, he has chosen to dedicate this challenge to families and individuals with Down Syndrome and hopes you will support him as he raises money for Run For Holland.

The purpose of the “Run For Holland 5K” is to raise awareness in the Spruce Pine community about Down Syndrome.  Approximately 5 months into his friend’s pregnancy they received a test result stating that there was a 99% chance their baby girl would be born with Down Syndrome. This news was shocking at the time but through great resources and support from family and friends they learned that having a child with a disability isn’t bad, its just a little different. Specifically, the Run For Holland cause would like to raise awareness for parents who have had or are having a child born with a physical or mental disability. The goal is to show these parents that having a child with Down Syndrome or any other disability is not the end of the world, it is the beginning of a wonderfully different, more fulfilling world.

Your tax-deductible donation will be used to raise awareness, educate families, and bring about resources for the Down Syndrome Community through Spruce Pine Lions Club. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.


Will Has Completed The Challenge! CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW HE DID

Sound clip from the winner of the Tarheel Ultra Karen Jackson

Holland Run Will Run


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Who is Will LeMieux?

William Leslie LeMieux (born August 7, 1986) is an American ultramarathoner and avid competitive runner. Raised in Spruce Pine, NC, Will started running competitively in 2010 (completing 16 races) with mostly distances of 5 and 10 K’s. The next year Will’s racing career was put on hold as he was deployed to Afghanistan for a tour of duty with the United States Army.  His racing legs hit the ground about as fast as his plane landed state side as he completed 31 races in 2012. Of those 31 races, 11 were marathon distance or more.  During 2013 Will has completed 20 races, one of which was his first 100 miler (Graveyard 100) in which he got a taste of the 100+ mile race world.  To say that Will is addicted to running would be a colossal understatement.


Fastest 5K: Southwestern Scorcher – 08/03/13 – 00:18:28

Fastest 10K: Devil Dog Run – 09/14/13 – 00:40:05

Fastest Marathon: Run For The Red – 05/20/13 – 03:36:04

Furthest Distance: Graveyard 100 Miler – 03/09/13 – 24:35:34



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Thank You!


Welcome to the Run For Holland 5K for Down syndrome awareness! Presented by Spruce Pine Lions Club.

Thank you! On behalf of the Spruce Pine Lions Club and the Run For Holland board of directors, thank you. Thank you for all the support, love, and encouragement that has been given to us through planning this fantastic race. It is our hope that with you all we can grow this event into more than just a 5K race that happens once a year. We want the Run For Holland idea to spread through our community like wildfire and give families and individuals the love and support they deserve.

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If you have any questions about how to register, volunteering or any other questions, please contact Race Organizer...Adam Burleson.

Phone:    (828) 385-2341
Race Location: Riverside Park 200 E Tappan St Spruce Pine , NC 28777

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