Typical 14-Day Schedule For Speed Training (No Races)

Workout Example Pace
1 Hills/Track Work 10×150 -200 m hills (moderate grade), /8 x400s with 2:1 work:rest ratio 5-k effort/Mile Pace
2 easy No goals
3 steady run 60 minutes half-marathon pace @ the fastest
4 Tempo work 4 to 5x1600s w/ 1:00 rest 10-k + :10 seconds per mile
5 easy No goals
6 Long 75-90 minutes Marathon pace @ the fastest
8 VO2 max 4 to 6 x 800s with equal rest or 5x1000s with equal rest 3200 pace but 5-k pace works
9 easy No goals
10 steady run 60 minutes half-marathon pace
11 Fartlek 30 to 40 minutes of 1:00 “mile” pace, 3:00 easy jogging This is the WO to work on uncontrolled speed.
12 easy No goals
13 Long 75 to 90 minutes Marathon Pace
14 OFF

Week Of Race Schedule

1 Tempo Work  3to 4 x 1600s @ 10-k +:10 pace, 1:00 rest between each one
2 Easy 10-15 Minute jog at 60% of race pace. Think a leasurely stroll!
3 400’s @ 5K 8 to 12x400s at 5-k race pace with 1:2 work:rest ratio
4 OFF Stretching or Yoga
5 Easy 10-15 Minute jog at 60% of race pace. Think a leasurely stroll!
6 Race
7 Long Try a long run the day after a race to help better recover.

Pace Calculator

5-k PR 5-k pace/mile 10-k pace/mile HM pace/mile Marathon Pace/mile
18:00.0 5:51 6:03 6:19 6:35
20:00.0 6:27 6:44 7:01 7:20
22:00.0 7:05 7:24 7:47 8:01
24:00.0 7:44 8:04 8:28 8:46
26:00.0 8:23 8:44 9:10 9:37
28:00.0 9:01 9:25 9:51 10:18


Helpful Hints

Always let the pace come to you, don’t force it. ” Train, don’t strain”
Recovery days are meant to recover.  No need to race these.
Cross-training is a often overlooked training option. Core work, Yoga, road cycling, swimming, mountain biking (XC style, not DH style, although that has its moments), cross-country skiing, kayaking class V whitewater, etc. etc., help overall fitness
Get creative with your training, remember to have fun, but be smart
Spirit, Family, Work, Training are how the priorities work.  Remember that, always.
Always take a day off a week, even God did it.  We’re also not professionals at running
Foam Rollers, stretching, Form Drills, pilates, and injury prevention methods are your friends
Eat right, get enough sleep, remember you run to relieve not create stress
If you take your training seriously, read seriously.  Runner’s world  for the most part is not serious running literature, but Running times has its moments
People will be faster than you, People will be slower than you.  Personal Growth is  the method to enlightenment and improvement
Thank you to Dennis Gilfillan 

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