Mount Mitchell Runners Club

Mount Mitchell Runners Club is a group of runners and run-walkers from Mitchell, Yancey, and Avery Counties, located in Western North Carolina. The group is made up of folks with varying abilities that aside from common roots, share the passion for taking a stroll on an open road or trail.

Mount Mitchell Runners Club “Whats the point” Award [Bylaws and Point System]

Eligibility:  In order to be considered eligible for the “What’s the point” Award a member must be 1) a native of Mitchell/Yancey County or 2) a resident of Mitchell/ Yancey County. 3) Be “localish” of these two areas Rules:The “What’s the point” Award series begins January 1st and ends December 31st.  No points can be carried over to the next year.  Each runner is responsible for submitting/verifying his or her race results.  I will be limited to my ability and time to scan the Internet looking for your results. You may submit your races to Adam Burleson via Facebook Message or ask for a link to the Google Drive file. Again, contest is open to MMRC Members only.

Point System: 
1 Point for participation and completion in any official race* outside of Mitchell/Avery/Yancey Counties.
2 Points for participation and completion of races within Mitchell/Avery/Yancey Counties.
3 Points for Race Directing any race within Mitchell/Yancey County.
4 Points for placing 3rd in Age Group (A/G)
5 Points for placing 2nd in (A/G)
6 Points for placing 1st in (A/G)
7 Points for placing 3rd Overall (O/A)
8 Points for placing 2nd (O/A)
9 Points for placing 1st (O/A)
10 Points for completing all of the Mitchell Races Series, to include the Winter Splash Trail Races, Run For Holland 5K, Mineral City 5K, Spruce Pine Skedaddle 5K, Rhododendron 10K, Springmaid Splash Trail Races.
New 2014 Points – Each race will earn a point per mile up to 26.2 miles. (Ex 5K = 3.1 Points, Marathon = 26.2 Points, 50K = 26.2 Points) **Capped at 26 miles to keep ultra runners on the same playing field.*** An “official” race is one that:- Issues race number or bibs and records official times for each runner.  – Has results and finishers times posted on the Internet or some running publication.
Disclaimer:2013 was the first year that the “What’s the point” Award will be awarded and the bylaws are under there testing phase. If a hearty group of members would like an addition or change to any of the following information, I will be inclined to listen to the audience and perhaps make changes.Also, this idea is a borrowed one from the Mangum Track Club, of which I am a member and must give credit for a wonderful idea from them.

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2013 Results (Year One)


Whats The Point Rankings – 2014

Total Miles – 2014

Total Races – 2014

Average Mile Per Race – 2014

All Runners and Races – 2014


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All results are at the bottom of the page! 2014 Whats The Point Top Ten

Will LeMieux Spruce Pine 405.78
Cari Smith Bakersville 395.30
Latisha Cannon Little Switzerland 392.54
Deanna Fox Buchanan Black Mountain 367.84
Chad Ledford Spruce Pine 337.36
Marc Jackson Burnsville 322.80
Adam Burleson Spruce Pine 263.91
Dalton Hughes Spruce Pine 226.50
Fred LeMieux Spruce Pine 218.06
Brad Dellinger Spruce Pine 217.70

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Welcome to the Run For Holland 5K for Down syndrome awareness! Presented by Run For Holland Foundation.

Thank you! On behalf of the Run For Holland Foundation and the Run For Holland board of directors, thank you. Thank you for all the support, love, and encouragement that has been given to us through planning this fantastic race. It is our hope that with you all we can grow this event into more than just a 5K and 10K race that happens once a year. We want the Run For Holland idea to spread through our community like wildfire and give families and individuals the love and support they deserve.

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If you have any questions about how to register, volunteering or any other questions, please contact Race Organizer...Adam Burleson.

Phone:    (828) 385-2341
Race Location: Riverside Park 200 E Tappan St Spruce Pine , NC 28777

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